This is
a team 

We believe that our clients’ expertise combined with our multidisciplinary expertise creates transformative ideas.

That’s why our processes, rituals and tools are designed to tap into connected intelligence and to enhance collaboration.

Frankly, working with you guys is what motivates me.

Karen Khawan,
Director of Marketing,
Bio-K+ International


Imagine coming together in an open, inclusive environment with a team of dedicated experts who are all focused on guiding your brand’s evolution and helping you make intelligent leaps.

Co-Creative Work Sessions are an everyday occurrence at Bleublancrouge and they have transformed the way we work for the better.

We also use a unique, proprietary methodology called the Structural Mapping Process ®, which leverages connected intelligence to access, release and activate the insight, imagination and power hidden within an organization.

We get into this room together, and they present me with routes and options and directions on a brief. We look at it together, and just purge and build on the ideas that are there together.

Dominique Pépin,
Senior Marketing Director,
SICO Paints


  • Brand
  • Experience
  • Media influence
    and content
  • Brand language
  • Production
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Our best work
comes from
the work we
create with you.

BBR has become our secret weapon. They’re quietly amazing.

Isadora Badi,
VP Global Marketing,
Sotheby’s International Realty
Sico Paints
Sico Paints
Flaunting Our Colours
You Season
Plan Canada
Plan Canada
Defy Normal
Open Your Road

BBR has been an amazing partner. Their expertise and commitment to changing the perception of our brand and attracting new audiences were instrumental in helping my team set the business on a new course. Brand building in this era requires better tools and real partners, and that’s exactly what BBR brings to the table.

Laura Shepherd,
Director of Marketing,
Finding Canada’s Voice
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